My SLO Gym!

 This summer I will take you through my weight training schedule and a bit of what I do to get stronger.... shhhh... it's a secret! :)

My Sister Karla took this picture of me during one of my workouts this summer.... she sent it to me by email and here it is!   

Some times my workouts are really tough with 'burnouts'...

...other times, I give myself an easier experience...
but in the end, I improve and that is the real goal of it all!

SUMMER OF '03 Videos

I will try to keep this updated as I add new lifts this summer! So far, I have videos of my doing shrugs with 610lbs, power cleans, 'twists' that my friend Florence Ezeh taught me, 'Swings' from 'Ironman'... and much more coming soooon!


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